Transformation Bootcamp

Are you sick of going to the gym and not seeing the RESULTS you want?

Do you want a diet plan that will ACTUALLY work for you?

Are you fed up with the JUDGEMENT you feel when you're at the gym?

Are you FRUSTRATED with losing weight, only to gain it right back?

If you answered YES... "Are you READY?"

Are you ready to get results!?

Are you ready to learn how to eat healthy!?

Are you ready to keep the weight off!?

Are you ready to join a supportive community!?

What is the transformation bootcamp?

The Transformation Bootcamp is a 6-week group fitness program designed to introduce you to the latest and greatest physical fitness and lifestyle trends. My program is designed to meet YOU at your current level of fitness, and provide you with the tools to achieve your goals. You won't be alone. You are joining many others, who just like you, are making their best efforts to get back in shape, look great, feel younger, be more confident in their skin, and improve their overall health.

You will be charged a remaining balance of $129 on enlistment day. If, after day 1, you decide it isn't for you, there is no further obligation.


what do you get when you register?

- 18 workouts that will physically, and mentally challenge you; boosting your confidence higher than ever before.

- An un-waivering network of support that will hold you accountable to your goals.

- Nutritional advice.

- Techniques and strategies on various topics such as stress management, how to survive your desk job, effective long term weightloss, and many more.

- Discussions on important topics like the importance of hydration, muscle, and the benefits/dangers of supplements.

- Recommended readings to further your understanding of living a healthy life.

Ask me about the $20 discount when you register with your workout buddy!

healthy eating habit

Focus your grocery shopping on the outer perimeter of the grocery store. If your food has a long shelf life, it's probably not good for you.

when is the transformation bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:00pm-8:15pm. The first few minutes of class is spent having a discussion on various topics listed above. Then, as a class, we warm-up together, workout together, and cool down together. EVERYTHING is done together!

Where is the transformation bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is held at the original CrossFit gym in Minnesota; Crossfit Edina. Will you be doing CrossFit? NO! This program is inspired by similar methods, but modified so that ANYBODY can have success!

Grab a friend and prepare yourself for what could be the most positive experience of your life!

Just $49 reserves your spot!


Goal setting habit

Make a bet!

When you set a goal for yourself, find a friend and make a bet with them. It sets yourself up in a win-win scenario. Make the stakes meaningful, like $100, or dinner at Manny's Steakhouse. For example: "Mary, my goal is to lose 10 lbs in the next 5 weeks (I don't recommend anything more aggressive than 2 lbs/week). If I don't reach my goal by (fill in the date), I will pay you $100 cash. When I succeed, you will owe me $100" (but you don't have to collect on it, because that is not the point of the bet). Raising the stakes will hold you accountable to achieving your goal! I have used this tactic many times. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Even when I lose, I am a few step closer to reaching my goal, which is a win.